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Here's What People Who ACTUALLY LISTEN to Mark Kaye Are Saying About His Incredible Daily Content...

"Eloquent, articulate with a gift for gab, can think on the fly and speak impromptu and with great handle on current and past events with a dash of humor. Nice voice and pleasant personality."

-Danilo Deaño

"Mark is straight forward, honest; he calls it as he see's it. He's a Conservative with a sense of humor...Mark's quick wit and knowledge of subjects that extemporaneously come to light during the program period."

-William J. Gasser

"It's a great show. Very informative without being boring! Always makes me feel better."

-Paula Bauman

"Authentic, honest, and lively politics!."

-Preston Neuendorf

"He is the most truthful host I have ever had the honor of listening to. He is concise, he has actual facts to support what he brings to the table, honest and fair. All with a great sense of humor. Never nasty.."

-Dawn Seidl Godsey

"Awesome! I love Mark Kaye’s personality and the quality of information he shares! Tons of fun and informative at the same time!"

-Melinda Niemela

"The very best show! And 💯 accurate! Mark is an excellent and enthusiastic person! 

-Revd Hephzibah Duraikannu

"He is so smart. He tells the truth. He makes you see what Dems are doing. He funny. I really love to hear him talk. He tells the facts and the truth. "

-Sandra Lolling

"I recommend people pay attention and listen to this guy. His commonsense, no fluff, with a touch of snark gets my day rolling.."

-Sue Monohand

"Love Mark Kaye! One of the best talk show hosts out there and he’s hilarious! We need that in this time of anger and hate going around. Keep it up Mark! Love ya! 😘"

-De'Jon Mejia

"Best show ever, always on point, and always has facts. Definitely not fake news!"

-Krista Weeks Hopper

"One of the most honest and precise people. You will always be interested in his program. This man never has a bad day. Thank you so much to Mark Kaye for voicing the truth."

-Carol Brasington

"This is the best radio show ever! Found it a couple weeks ago and can’t stop listening!"

-Thomas Doetzel

"Not very intelligent......"

-Amy Kulow

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